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57 million Americans choose independent work and millions of app-based workers earn on multiple platforms. Read their stories:

"Not collecting disability has been rough, but being a driver allows me to create my own schedule that works for my health and my family. I can work around everybody else and still go out and make money if I choose to or need to. If I need to be home to drive my son to football practice, I'm able to do that without sacrifice."

- Kristen C.

- Matt S.

"Working full-time for a non-profit and part-time for Lyft gives me the chance to help my community in more ways than I ever imagined. Whether I'm giving someone a ride to class, downtown, or the airport, I love being able to meet new people and get them where they need to go. Having the freedom and flexibility to choose when I want to work is absolutely crucial because I can work around my full-time job, spend time with my wife, and make money whenever it works for me."

"Instacart has helped give me an abundance of freedom, finances, and community. As a mother of five, making my own hours is important because I can help my kids with virtual school or come home and make them lunch if I need. I am able to provide for my family in a way that doesn't take away from the moments and memories we create together."

- Vanessa W.

"Having a flexible schedule is very important to me because I need to be able to earn money while I'm taking classes to become a laboratory technician. Not only does DoorDash allow me to earn income in between my class and study times, but it also makes me incredibly happy because I love to help out people in my community and go the extra mile to make their day better."

- Henok B.

"As a single mom, DoorDash gives me the freedom to be with my son but make extra money when I need to. If something comes up, I don't have to stress about calling out of work or finding a last minute sitter. Instead, I make my own hours and I have a healthy work life balance that I am super grateful for."

- Nicole S.

"The flexibility driving for DoorDash, Instacart, and Uber Eats is just incredible because it allows me to live my life. I can basically work when I want, analyze the busy times, and adjust my schedule to work in that time frame. Also, knowing I can take a break to come home and spend time with my kids makes me grateful for the flexibility my job offers."

- Alan K.

"The flexibility of hours with Uber Eats is really important to me, because whether I choose to drive 25 hours a week or 60, I can still carve out time to pick up my daughter from volleyball practice and spend time with my family. I'm able to manage both my family life and my driving life, which is incredibly important to me as a mother."

- Crystal S. P.

"After working a full-time job with a set schedule for 34 years, I found myself looking for something more flexible, then I started driving for Uber and Lyft 3 years ago. I found exactly what I was looking for. I'm able to support my family and, as the father of a disabled child, I am very grateful that I can choose my own hours because I can easily attend doctor's appointments and be the best parent I can be."

- Hossein J.

- Matthew N.

"I decided to become an Instacart shopper because it allows me time to focus on myself as I continue on my journey to recovery. With such a flexible schedule, I can attend all of my AA meetings, meet with my sponsor, and do what I need to do to take care of myself while also earning some income. I also get to interact with different people every day, and I am incredibly grateful for the sense of community Instacart has brought me"

"Having completed over 9,000 rides for Lyft, I have experienced firsthand the amazing flexibility that independent work offers. There's no boss telling me when to get to work, giving me the important time to take care of both my mental and physical health."

- Hayley P.

"When I was looking for a job, I was immediately drawn to Uber because it gives me the flexibility to turn the app on and off when I want, I can make money on my own terms, and I get paid immediately. It's especially helpful as a single father because I'm able to spend time with my son and help him with virtual school during the pandemic."

- Ed W.

"Between taking care of my grandmother and looking after my two children, my life can get really busy. So, when I was looking for a job, I needed something that gave me the flexibility to handle those responsibilities for my family. When I found Instacart, I quickly realized how perfectly it fit into my life. I can turn the app on whenever I want, work from wherever I am, and be there for my family when they need me."

- Jenora A.

"I drive for Lyft because I find genuine happiness in going the extra mile to help people in my community. Whether someone needs a ride to or from work or the doctor's office, I get a hand in helping them start and finish their day. As a driver, I can decide each morning how I want my day to go, leaving me in total control of my schedule and my life."

- Suzi S.

"Instacart gives its shoppers the ability to make their own schedule and work on their own time, which was really important to me as I juggled my other job in the healthcare space. While giving me independence, it also made me feel like I was making an impact in my community at the same time."

- Ashley C.

"I thought juggling work and school would be hard, but working for Instacart allows me to set my own hours and have a flexible schedule. I can focus on my classes and homework, and if I need money for books or spending I can simply turn on the app and go."

- Cole R.

"As someone who worked full-time jobs all my life, I got tired of answering to a boss and following a strict schedule. When I decided to find a new way to pay my bills that also gave me the flexibility to be home with my children, I began driving with Uber and Lyft and never turned back. Making my own hours gives me a sense of independence I never imagined, and lets me be the best mother I can be."

- Rochelle H.

"When all of my college classes were moved online during the pandemic, I chose to work for DoorDash because I had more free time and heard how flexible the hours were. After I finish my school work from home every day, I can set aside a few hours to work, and I don’t have to check in with anyone or adhere to a certain schedule."

- Sander J.

"Even though I have a full-time job, I carve out 16 to 20 hours a week to deliver for DoorDash in order to provide for my family. Between paying off my son's ongoing medical bills and paying off my own student loans, being able to make some extra income on my own schedule has been a blessing for my family and me."

- Pete M.

"The convenience of setting my own schedule and working on my own time is exactly why I became a driver. I can still be home with my wife for dinner, and we are able to enjoy our time together while also having a source of income."

- Ryan L.

"When I retired from my full-time job, I set a goal for myself to make a stranger smile or laugh every day. Driving for Uber and Lyft, I get to do just that. I start and finish my day whenever I choose, meeting all kinds of passengers along the way."

- James M.

"I'm a U.S. Army veteran, and service has always been a priority for me. So I love that I get to serve people from all backgrounds while shopping with Instacart -- whether they are older, have kids like me, or simply can't risk going to the store during the pandemic. Because I get to create my own schedule each day, I never have to worry about missing out on my kids' sporting events and can take care of my family whenever they need me. I also love that it gives me the flexibility to run my own small business on the side."

- Tania H.

"As a husband, father, and full-time student, driving for DoorDash gave me the ability to set my own hours and be my own boss. The flexible schedule allowed me to go out whenever I wanted and I was able to make time for both family and school."

- Luke D.

“I decided to become a Uber and Lyft driver to try to supplement income. I lost my full-time job and decided to pursue an acting career so I needed something flexible. If you’re an actor, you have to be able to shut down whatever you’re doing to go to auditions, I couldn’t do that if I had a regular day job.”

- Charlie H.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, I've realized shopping with Instacart is more than just making some extra cash. Delivering to elderly or high-risk people in my community gives me the power to help people who can’t risk leaving their homes to shop in stores. Their overwhelming sense of gratitude fuels me to keep shopping, and the ability to work on my own time allows me to create a schedule that works for me."

- Monica R.

"As a retiree whose small business took a hit during COVID, I decided to try out shopping for Instacart and it clicked. With my income from Instacart, I'm able to do all of the things I love like give back to local charities, cook monthly meals for my church, and travel to visit friends in other parts of the country. And, with the endless flexibility it offers, I don't have to punch a clock and can craft my own schedule every day."

- David I.

"The flexibility I have with Instacart means everything to me because a rigid schedule is the whole reason I left my previous job. I have ongoing health issues, so not being able to call out when I need to prioritize those issues is simply not an option for me. Now, I have the power to decide when and where I want to work, and I'm able to support my family and be there for my kids when they need me."

- Tammy A.

"The flexibility of independent work is extremely important to me because, after enduring 3 intensive spinal surgeries, I can't sit at a desk for 8-hour work days like other people can. With Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash, I can decide when I want to work, giving me the freedom to turn the app off and take a break if my back pain returns. With my health issues, having a flexible schedule is everything to me, and I hope to keep that flexibility for the rest of my life."

- Jared G.

"The flexibility I have working with DoorDash means the world to me because, as a veteran with health issues, I can earn income without having to miss out on doctor's appointments and I'm able to take care of myself and my family when I need to. I've also always prided myself on helping other people, and DoorDash has enabled me to do just that for my community."

- Chris K.

"I started shopping with Instacart during the pandemic, and it gives me so much more peace of mind compared to my previous 9 to 5 job. If I need time off, I don't have to worry about calling out. I'm passionate about the work I'm doing and, because I get to control my schedule, I have total control of how much money I make."

- Kimberly K.

"I drive about 28 hours a week for multiple app-based companies, and the biggest perk is the flexibility. I can turn the app on, make money, deposit the money into my account, and pay my bills whenever I need to. And, if I need to watch my grandkids for a couple of hours, I can easily do that."

- Ken B.

"The independence and flexibility I have with Instacart is amazing because I have the ability to work a job that I love on my own time. As a new grandmother to twins, I can take a few days off to visit them without having to worry about calling out or missing a shift. Having worked full-time jobs with long hours in the past, I cherish the ability to craft my own schedule every day and handle whatever comes up in life."

- Victoria T.

"I decided to start shopping with Instacart at the start of the pandemic when I realized that going to the grocery store wasn't an easy feat for some people. Whether it is an elderly person, someone with a compromised immune system, or a single mom who needs someone to help with shopping, I like being able to lend a hand to those in my community. The ability to pick my own hours is especially important to me as a new grandmother because I can spend time with my grandchildren and family."

- Kasey B.

"After losing my job, I needed a way to financially support my five children that also gave me time to be there for them. When I started with DoorDash and experienced the flexibility firsthand, I knew it was a perfect fit. I get to work while my kids are in school, I have financial freedom, and I'm not stressed out about maintaining a full-time schedule. My family is now happier and stronger because of it, and that's all I could ever want."

- Tamera E.

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Taxi Driver

"I’m a student, so I really enjoy the flexibility to do homework when I need to, spend time with my family whenever I want, and make money when I can. I can work on my own time and I really appreciate having that flexible schedule."

- Connor T.

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