New Coalition for App-Based Platform Workers Launches

Updated: Jan 21

National App-Based Work Alliance Will Advocate for Solutions That Preserve Worker Independence and Access to Benefits

WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 18, 2020) -- Several of the nation’s leading app-based platforms today announced a national coalition dedicated to elevating the voices and needs of independent workers. In an effort to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving 21st century workforce, the App-Based Work Alliance will amplify workers’ stories and support policies that protect their ability to set their own schedules and earn income on their terms. In a recent survey by The Rideshare Guy, drivers reported wanting to remain independent by 4-to-1 margin.

“The American economy and the way people work has fundamentally changed, yet public policy hasn’t kept up. Our country’s antiquated benefits system doesn’t reflect how people are working and living in the 21st century," said Whitney Brennan, spokesperson for the App-Based Work Alliance. "The 57 million Americans who depend on independent work and make up the on-demand economy need modern policies that will give them the ability to receive benefits while protecting their flexibility. Modern portable benefits systems are long overdue, much-needed, and will help to protect independent app-based workers throughout the country.”

The recent passage of Proposition 22 in California demonstrates the widespread support for preserving flexible work with access to benefits. The broad support from drivers and voters across the political spectrum demonstrated that policymakers and workers must find solutions that provide independence plus benefits. The App-Based Work Alliance aims to do just that while:

  • Expanding opportunities for workers across all demographics, ethnicities, and backgrounds;

  • Strengthening transportation and delivery equity that helps all communities grow and thrive;

  • Helping brick-and-mortar small businesses, restaurants, and retailers compete in an increasingly online economy; and

  • Protecting those communities that rely on independent workers and app-based services for their essential needs.

Given that one third of American workers choose independent work, and millions of app-based workers often earn on multiple platforms, a modern, portable benefits system is especially necessary. The App-Based Work Alliance will urge policymakers to develop a modern framework that can protect drivers’ ability to choose their schedules and earn income on their terms, while also gaining important benefits and protections.

In addition to educating state and local officials about the benefits of independent work and the need for a modernized benefits structure, the coalition will promote federal policies that support the growing on-demand economy and urge Congress to think more ambitiously when it comes to modernizing our nation’s labor laws and social safety net.

The Alliance was formed by several app-based platforms that represent millions of app-based workers, including DoorDash, Instacart, Lyft, Postmates, and Uber. Learn more about the App-Based Work Alliance here.